How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Dress!

How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Dress!

Since you were a little girl you have been dreaming of your wedding gown, looking at pictures of wedding dresses and reading articles on how to pick a wedding dress.  Now you have to pick your wedding dress for real! Congratulations! How exciting!  But now that the time is here you don’t know where to start, and you are not alone. There are so many wedding dress variables to think about.  From the different silhouettes to the different waistlines, the arrangement of necklines, and the sleeves.  Yes or no to sleeves?! We get it!

There have been so many beautiful wedding dresses over the years including the old classic wedding dress that is making a comeback as the “vintage wedding dress”. I want to get married again just to pick out a dress!  But lets acknowledge that it can be overwhelming at times with all of the beautiful choices.  I have heard many times that the best way to begin choosing your wedding dress is to choose three adjectives that best describe your dream wedding gown.  Starting from here will help you with your wedding dress block!  

To help with your search for the perfect wedding dress, we are sharing some helpful hints and charts that we have learned from our brides that will help you find the perfect wedding dress of your dreams!

First, If you have pictures you have been saving, Fantastic!  Get a folder that closes that will hold your pictures, printouts and any paperwork from bridal boutiques that you need to keep track of. 

Second, Think of the shape you would like.  Here is a short guide we found to the different wedding dress shapes and styles.  There is also the neckline and whether you want sleeves, or sleeveless. What neckline do you want and do you want to add color! Yes, there are so many decisions to make!

Third, many brides today are even picking out different colored wedding dressed or wedding dresses with a colored accent such as a ribbon, adornments, or color in the veil.  Oh, the veil!  So if you are looking for a pop of color… it’s okay!

Finally,  don’t just go to one store and try on dresses in one day – unless you find “The Dress” –  Different boutiques have different dresses,  and you may not find your dress until you have tried on many.   You are going to have so much fun, and do not get discouraged when looking for a dress.  You will find the right wedding dress!  You will know it as soon as you turn and look in the mirror.  I cried!  Yup, I did!  Then everyone cried!  You are going to be a princess and remember this is your wedding day!  Just remember it is just that, your wedding day! So go try on wedding dresses!

Check out this video of some great dress ideas that we think you will love! We hope this helps!