Tips For Picking The Perfect Wedding Cake!

Tips For Picking The Perfect Wedding Cake!

We all love wedding cakes, and we spend many years thinking about what our wedding cake will look like.  How many tiers will it be, what kind of cake, icing, and filling should my wedding cake have?  What will your cake topper be? Will you have flowers, ribbons, or bows as decorations?  Will it be a theme cake?  Such as a rustic wedding cake, beach themed wedding cake, or will it have a verse from a poem, bible verse, or your names piped on one of the tiers?  When it comes to wedding cakes there are so many things to think about and yes it can be daunting to try and decide.  But we are here to help!  We have put together some great tips on how to pick the perfect wedding cake that will compliment your wedding and tickle the tummies of your guests!

When thinking about your wedding cake there are three basic things to consider first.  What type of cake, what type of filling, and what type of icing.  After you do that the fun starts!  The design!  What will your cake look like!

Over the years I have seen many stunning wedding cakes created by our pastry chef.  From a classic fondant cake with elegant piping to vintage cakes, naked cakes, and ombre cakes.  There are also french inspired cakes, beach, airplane, sailor, and even comic book-inspired cakes!

So whether you want to go shabby chic, classic elegance, fun and stylish, or over the top.  We have the wedding cake ideas for you! 

Wedding Cake Flavors and Wedding Cake Icing Ideas…

What Flavor Wedding Cake Should I have?

    • Red Velvet or Pink Vanilla for the New Neo
    • Vanilla
    • Chocolate
    • Lemon
    • Coconut and Lime
    • Pink Champagne
    • Carrot

Wedding Cake Icing

    • Buttercream (can usually be turned into a flavorful icing)
    • Fondant (smooth, elegant and easily moldable)
    • Ganache (rich decadent chocolate)

What Size Should Your Wedding Cake Be?

Other things to consider are the size of the cake.  Consider the number of guests you are having.  You want to make sure you have enough.  A three-tiered wedding cake will serve 50 to 100 guests, and a five-tiered cake will be needed for 200 guests or more.

The size and decor of the room your wedding reception is in can also determine the size of your cake and the number of tiers.  If your wedding reception is being held in a grand ballroom or large room with high ceilings you may want to consider increasing the number of tiers and the size of the tiers of your wedding cake.  You can have a taller cake with smaller size cake layers to make a thin tower look.  Or just go for the gold and have a five-layered standard cake.  When decided the dimensions you will also need to think about the cake topper and the decor.  Make sure the cake topper you choose will fit on the top of the cake!

Oh, we almost forgot… The cake tasting!  Don’t forget to ask for a cake tasting.  Most places will charge for this but it can be a fun experience for you and your soon to be other half!

We hope this helped in planning your ultimate dream wedding cake.  Congratulations and remember “Have Fun”!