Cuisines from around the World

✔ Our Culinary Experts Can Also Create dishes from around the world including
distinctive cultural, ethnic and dietary requests such as halal meats. Whether you wish to add one specific meal or a complete tailor made food selection we will be glad to meet your requirements. We will be able to also offer Glatt Kosher Catering While Using Strictest Guideline of Supervision.

✔ Additional banquet reception selections and buffet
reception menus available as well

✔ Our dessert possibilities are sure to please all of your friends and family and wow them with our freshness and taste. Indulge yourself by adding a
stunning fireworks Viennese hour to your event

✔ Our magnificent event and wedding cakes are freshly baked and decorated on premise. You can even talk with our bakers to personally go over specialized cakes

✔ You could also choose a number of another sweet choice from a mini Viennese with 3 different kinds of chocolate fountains and ice cream sundaes bar, or mouth-watering French and Italian style pastries. International coffee and cordial stations, and also an espresso & cappuccino bar are just some of the options that are offered for your requirements.


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