We focus on one event at a time to ensure that your social event exceeds all of your and your guest’s exceptions.Beach Club Estate is the perfect location for your next social event! The quaint, lakeside location is perfect for a gathering of 140 persons or less.We have the beauty of nature, stuff, and know-how to put together an unforgettable celebration package for any occasion.For more than 30 years.we’ve been helping people celebrate the most magical events in their live.specializing in planning and hosting


We have experienced party planners who can help you bring any party or theme to life. If you have party ideas, we’d like to hear them. You’ll find Beach Club Estate to be the perfect Long Island party location for your social event. It’s a total party package – grand location, second-to-none service and superb foods.

Our party packages are sure to please. Email us or call 631.588.8083 to discuss your celebration needs.


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